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Cynthia DeLay '92 » APUSH Frameworks and Review Answers

APUSH Frameworks and Review Answers

Below you will find the compiled Frameworks - both the original frameworks I handed out in class and a second framework that has "fill in boxes" to list key terms and examples for each of the items on the framework outline.
Also below are the answers to various reviews from the AP Exam Review Materials tab including the Cause-Effect Unit worksheets, and the Terms-Events and People reviews. I have also included the answers to the Turning Point review. A copy of the list of years is available on your AP Exam Review Materials tab.
Additional Information:
Starting in May of 2015, the AP US History Exam introduced a new format. The current test will be 3 hours and 15 minutes long and will include a 95-minute multiple choice/short answer section and a 100 minute free response section. Each section is divided into two parts.


Section I:

  • Part A: Multiple Choice (55 questions; 55 Minutes; 40% of total exam score)
  • Part B: Short-answer questions (3 questions (2 required and 1 chosen from a pair); 40 minutes; 20% of total exam score)

Section II:

  • Part A: Document-based question (1 question; 60 minutes including a 15 minute reading period; 25% of total exam score)
  • Part B: Long essay question (1 question (chosen from three); 40 minutes; 15% of total exam score)



The new AP Exam is also described in the College Board's publication linked below (it is a large PDF file)

- AP US History Course and Exam Description (2019 version) 

The previous version of the Course and Exam Description may also be helpful to students - especially the topic outline portion. The topic outline is the same as in the 2019 update but it is presented differently in the 2017 version therefore, I am providing a link to the old version below.
Learning Objectives (which make great review questions) are grouped by theme starting on page 17 of the document above.

The Concept Outline begins on page 26 of the document linked above. It is structured around nine eras or periods of time. Each period of time will be covered on the AP Exam as indicated below:


Period Date Range Approximate Percentage of
the AP Exam
1 1491-1607 4-6%
2 1607-1754 6-8%
3 1754-1800 10-17%
4 1800-1848 10-17%
5 1844-1877 10-17%
6 1865-1898 10-17%
7 1890-1945 10-17%
8 1945-1980 10-17%
9 1980-present 4-6%


Below are the answer keys for various review assignments and worksheets (that can be found on the AP Exam Review tab).
Below are some older AP frameworks that may still have some value. The newest versions that perfectly correlate to the current version of the exam are listed above but as these are in a different style, they may still be helpful for some students.