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Cynthia DeLay '92 » APUSH Exam Review Materials

APUSH Exam Review Materials

Starting in May of 2015, the AP US History Exam introduced a new format. The current test will be 3 hours and 15 minutes long and will include a 95-minute multiple choice/short answer section and a 100 minute free response section. Each section is divided into two parts.

Section I:

  • Part A: Multiple Choice (55 questions; 55 Minutes; 40% of total exam score)
  • Part B: Short-answer questions (3 questions (2 required and 1 chosen from a pair); 40 minutes; 20% of total exam score)

Section II:

  • Part A: Document-based question (1 question; 60 minutes including a 15 minute reading period; 25% of total exam score)
  • Part B: Long essay question (1 question (chosen from three); 40 minutes; 15% of total exam score)


The new AP Exam is also described in the College Board's publication linked below (it is a large PDF file)

- AP US History Course and Exam Description (2019 version) 

The previous version of the Course and Exam Description may also be helpful to students - especially the topic outline portion. The topic outline is the same as in the 2019 update but it is presented differently in the 2017 version therefore, I am providing a link to the old version below.

Learning Objectives (which make great review questions) are grouped by theme starting on page 27 of the 2017 document above.

The Concept Outline begins on page 35 of the 2017 document linked above. It is structured around nine eras or periods of time. According to the new 2019 document, each period of time will be covered on the AP Exam as indicated below:

Period Date Range Approximate Percentage on
AP Exam
1 1491-1607 4-6%
2 1607-1754 6-8%
3 1754-1800 10-17%
4 1800-1848 10-17%
5 1844-1877 10-17%
6 1865-1898 10-17%
7 1890-1945 10-17%
8 1945-1980 10-17%
9 1980-present 4-6%


Reviews from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History were developed specifically for the latest AP exam format. Videos are included! You may find them useful.
Era 1 - 1491-1607
Era 2 - 1607-1754
Era 3 - 1754-1800
Era 4 - 1800-1848
Era 5 - 1844-1877
Era 6 - 1865-1898
Era 7 - 1890-1945
Era 8 - 1945-1980
Era 9 - 1980 to present

Additional review links include audio podcasts and videos from various sources
Lecture Point - US History (by the publisher of your textbook)
Hippocampus (free, online videos on a variety of history topics)
Crash Course (youtube videos that review American history)
Kahn Academy (free online videos and reviews of key concepts to APUSH - there is an AP US History/College History specific "course" available)

Adam Norris (youtube videos geared specifically for APUSH review by an APUSH teacher)
Jocz Productions (youtube videos by a California Teacher of the Year - includes chapter by chapter reviews)
Heimler's History (youtube videos reviewing various APUSH topics)
Tom Richey (youtube videos reviewing various APUSH topics)

You may find the AP THEME AND CONCEPT CORRELATION document below helpful throughout the school year to connect the various parts of your textbook to the framework outline that you have been given. Check it out!

Attached below are a variety of additional review materials that may help you to study for the AP US History Exam (and your final exams as well). Some are materials I have created, others were obtained from other APUSH teachers. Not all will be useful for all students and some are quite large. Preview them before using/printing to see if the style/presentation of information will work for you. Most are PDF files that can be viewed on any computer. A few are Word documents. If you cannot see them (because you have a Mac or an older version of Word), let me know and I'll re-save it to another format. Good Luck!

Answers Keys to all Cause-Effect Review packets and AP Exam Review for People and Terms/Events are posted on another tab. Please use them only to check work that you have already completed. Using them before completing the work diminishes the usefulness of the assignment as an AP Exam review.