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All Classes ~ Museum Extra Credit Assignment

For at little bit of extra credit, students in all classes are encouraged to visit a museum related to their subject matter. History students can visit museums and science centers that cover topics of historical interest. Yes, science centers often have many connections to history - especially if they cover the space race or the invention of modern conveniences! There are many museums around the South Bay and Los Angeles area that you can visit. You may also use museums from other areas so long as they apply to the subject matter that we cover. It doesn't have to be current unit or even current semester topics, as long as it is related to something we will cover at some point during the year. The assignment can be completed THREE TIMES each SEMESTER.

History students may wish to consider some of our local museums including the Banning Museum, Civil War Drum Barracks, Lomita Train Museum, the SS Lane Victory, the Maritime Museum, the Gene Autry National Center, the Western Museum of Flight, Fort MacArthur Military Museum, the Natural History Museum (it has a California History wing) or even the California Science Center (it has information on the space race and the cold war). There are of course, many other locations that you can visit.

ATTACHED IS A LISTING of some (relatively) nearby museums and science centers along with addresses, phone numbers, admission and parking information (where available). This list will be expanded as time permits (some have just names listed as of 8/14/17). These are not the only locations that may be appropriate but are a suggestion of some local places to check out. If you are traveling out of town, you may wish to consider a similar location in the city you are visiting. Any museum relating to American History and/or Culture will likely be appropriate. If you have any questions, please ask in advance of your visit. 
For all classes: You must take a photo of yourself from somewhere INSIDE the museum. The photo should also show an exhibit related to your field of study - i.e. the study of American History. If the museum you visit does not allow photos, please take a photo of yourself outside of the museum and attach your ticket as evidence that you went. A group of students who attended together may all use the same image but must complete their own individual write-ups. To get the extra credit, print out your photo and a brief write up that includes the following:
  • Where you went
  • A description of what you saw - don't forget your selfie photo(s)
  • An explanation of how it relates to your field of study (this only needs to be a few sentences).
This assignment may be completed for Fall or Spring semester credit - OR BOTH! You may not use the same museum twice. This bonus assignment may be completed THREE TIMES each semester for a total of SIX times for the school year (but no more than three times per semester). 
Turn it in no later than December 1st for Fall semester credit.
Turn it in no later than June 1st for Spring Semester credit.

All museum visits must be completed in the current school year (June 2021 - May 2022). For completing this assignment, you will receive 5 points of bonus credit added to your "Exams" category on Aeries (three times each semester means a maximum of 15 points added to "Exams" each semester). Points will be added at the end of each semester after all other points are entered.
**In light of the COVID-19 closings and capacity restrictions of museums and other public places, you may substitute a virtual tour of a museum in lieu of visiting one in person. Include the web link you used and include a screenshot or a selfie with the virtual tour in the background along with your explanation of how it relates to your field of study. Some possible suggestions are linked on the Electronic Field Trips document attached below. 
Biology students can visit museums, aquariums or zoos, or science centers. Some will count for both subjects.
Biology: consider the Natural History Museum, California Science Center, Discovery Science Center, Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles Zoo, Santa Ana Zoo, Aquarium of the Pacific, Redondo Beach Sea Lab, Cabrillo Marine Museum or even the Madrona Marsh Interpretive Center.