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APUSH Power Points and Files

Attached below are the PowerPoint slides files for APUSH for units throughout the course. If you choose to print, you should set your printer to print multiple pages per sheet otherwise documents will be very long. You should be able to go to your printer properties and choose to print multiple pages per sheet and select how many pages you want per sheet. 4 or 6 per page seems to work the best. 
I have left the older pdf files posted below if you wish to access them or are working ahead and using the older video lectures as a supplement. But the files that are not part of the dropdown menu below are the latest ones for the 2022-23 school year and beyond. 
Forthcoming files:
1890-1920_APUSH-U8 - Era 7part1_Topics7-5to7-6
1920-1945_APUSH-U9 - Era 7part2_Topics7-7to7-10
1920-1945_APUSH-U9 - Era 7part2_Topics7-11to7-14
1945-1980_APUSH-U10 - Era 8_Topics8-2to8-7
1945-1980_APUSH-U10 - Era 8_Topics8-8to8-14
1980-on_APUSH-U11 - Era 9_Topics9-2to9-6