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President's Message

Dear Members of the Bishop Montgomery High School community,


I am honored and excited to join you as the new President of Bishop Montgomery High School. I look forward to partnering with you in nurturing the minds, hearts, and spirits of our students, parents, alumni, faculty, and staff.


As President, my role is to lead our school by collaborating to create a vision and strategic plan grounded in our Catholic values, fostering an environment where academic excellence, spiritual growth, sports and arts, and community service flourish. Along with these two critically important tasks, I am excited to create and form our consultative board. As a Catholic educator for the last 35 years, and a President or Principal the last 21 years, I am committed to ensuring that every student receives a high-quality, college-prep and holistic education that prepares them for university and the opportunities of the future, while staying true to our principles of justice, truth, and honor.


I am eager to work with all of you to continue our tradition of excellence and to explore new opportunities for growth and innovation. Together, we will build a bright future for Bishop Montgomery High School as each member of our community creates his/her own legacy. Together, our community will grow as a family with Bishop transforming into a home that is welcoming and inclusive; a school that educates all students at the highest level; a church where each member’s spirituality evolves; and, a playground where championships are won and friends are made for life.


Thank you for your warm welcome. I look forward to getting to know each of you and to an exciting year ahead. God bless and Go KNIGHTS!


Yours in Christ,

Patrick Lee
Bishop Montgomery High School