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Cynthia DeLay '92 » HUSH Final Exam Information

HUSH Final Exam Information

Your final exam for the Spring semester is 50 questions. The final will be a Google Forms Exam.

The final is cumulative for the semester only and covers units 8-15 (chapters 16-30 in your textbook).

A study guide for the spring semester IS ATTACHED BELOW in PDF format. I have also attached it to the final exam "assignment" in Google Classroom. If you would like me to provide you with a Word or Google Doc format, please let me know and I will add that to Google Classroom as well.
Final Exams will be given according to the school's published schedule which currently shows periods 1 and 2 on Monday June 7; periods 3 and 4 on Tuesday June 8; and periods 5 and 6 on Wednesday June 9. 
Your final exam for the fall semester is 150 questions. You will need TWO green scantrons. The first 100 questions of the exam are based on the topics attached below. The remaining 50 are a matching section related to a map of the US as it is today. A blank copy of the map was given out in class (and tested on) already.

The final is cumulative and covers units 1-7 (chapters 1-15 in your textbook).

A study guide of topics for the fall semester is attached below in PDF format.  The study guide is also posted in Google Docs form on Google Classroom under the "Final Exam" Assignment .