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 An Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic High School Fully Accredited by WCEA and WASC  
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Principal's Message

Dear Friends of Bishop Montgomery,

Each month our Bishop Montgomery community comes together in the gym to celebrate Mass, always a very sweet and powerful experience, a sign of God’s power and goodness.  I am always reminded of how much I love not only the individuals gathered together in that gym, but how much I love this community.

Our students come to us from many places not only in the greater South Bay, but also from many places in the world.  Each student brings a different story to Bishop Montgomery and the history of that student, the journey that has brought that student to our school, each of their varied backgrounds and experiences, add to the richness of our community. 

Though each student brings his or her own story to Bishop Montgomery, I remind them that as they grow in high school life, they will each continue to write their own stories—and define who they will become because of their daily choices.

And so, I pray daily that that each of our students will choose to write a story that proclaims that they are a child of God, made in His image, that He is in them and that He has plans for them, that they each matter, each have something to contribute, and that the community would be different without one of them.

I pray that they put aside childish things, that they choose to write a story defined by good choices, that they own their own decisions, knowing that God has given them free will and the power to choose who they want to be.

I pray that they choose to write a story in which they do not seek to hurt others but instead to heal; a story in which they do not seek to discourage others but to inspire; a story in which they do not seek to diminish others but to lift them up.

I pray that they choose to write a story in which they have the courage to use their voices to speak for those who have no voice, the courage to stand with those who need someone to stand with them, the generosity to give to those who hurt physically, emotionally, spiritually, to help those who do not enjoy the many blessings that they do.  I pray they choose to write a story in which they are generous not only with material things, but generous in spirit.

I pray that they choose to write a story that proclaims that they each know and understand that we here at Bishop Montgomery are bound together in Christ’s love, nourished by that love, moved by that love, inspired by that love, made better by that love—a love that is faithful in the face of difficulties, respectful, generous, kind, willing to sacrifice for others—a love that proclaims that to be filled with love, we must empty ourselves of our selfishness.

And finally, I pray that they each choose to write a story in which every moment of their life proclaims that they know that they are each God’s great work, and that he has great plans for them.

Because of our students, great things happen at Bishop Montgomery.


Rosemary Libbon