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National Honor Society » NHS Overview and FAQs

NHS Overview and FAQs

Chapter of the National Honor Society at Bishop Montgomery High School 

What is it?
• NHS was established in 1921. It is a prestigious organization that recognizes academic achievement as well as those who excel in leadership, service, and character.
 Who can qualify? 
• Current 10th, 11th, and 12th graders who meet the initial requirement of a minimum weighted, cumulative GPA of 3.75.
Is the GPA minimum the only requirement?
• No. While the selection criteria does place an emphasis on academics and scholarship, service, leadership, and character are also taken into heavy consideration.
What does “service” entail?
• It is the voluntary contributions made by the student to the school or community.
 What does NHS consider as “leadership”?
• Students who are resourceful, good problem solvers, and involved in and promote school activities. These students are dependable, organized, and have the ability to be organizers.
What do you mean by “character”?
• Students who uphold principles of morality and ethics have good character. They demonstrate high standards of honesty and reliability while showing courtesy, concern, and respect for others.
How do I apply to become a member?
• First, check to see if you meet the GPA requirement. If you do, then see if you also demonstrate service, leadership, and character. Then, listen for announcements and check the BMHS website for more information. Make sure you turn in your application on time in JANUARY. Please see the "Important Dates and Information" page for specific dates and the "Candidate Form" page for the application.
What happens after I apply?
• Your application will go through a process of evaluation by the Faculty Council. It is a two-three week process. If you are selected to be a member, you will be notified at the end of JANUARY or early FEBRUARY and then participate in the induction ceremony in FEBRUARY.
What do I do after I am accepted?
• Maintain the standards by which you were accepted.
• Complete 50 hours of service per year. This can be through the NHS chapter’s service which is tutoring or other NHS sponsored service events. You may also choose your own service projects.
• Dues: $25 per year.
• Attend the mandatory chapter membership meetings which will be once each semester. Supplementary meetings may be added, as necessary.
What happens if I am not accepted to NHS this year?
 •In accordance with the NHS bylaws (please see the bylaws page), under Article V, Section 1, candidates may not appeal if they are not accepted.
•Candidates who are not selected during the current process are welcome to apply again the following year.
 How is this different from CSF?
• CSF membership is based on an academic point system. Students must earn 10 points the previous semester (A=3, Honors/AP A=4, B=1, Honors/AP B=2, C=0). Members must maintain this minimum and may have no D’s or F’s. CSF members have the opportunity to take part in the school’s tutoring program, but are not required to do so.
• While NHS has an academic GPA minimum, there are four aspects taken into consideration. Applicants are chosen based on scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Members must maintain the merits on which they were accepted. It is also mandatory to complete service each semester.
• It is possible to be a member of both organizations.