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 An Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic High School Fully Accredited by WCEA and WASC  
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2018-19 Clubs


Name of Club

Student Representative

Faculty Moderator



ACE Mentorship Program

Fadi Rabadi

Richard  Meyette

Students interested in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) will work with mentors and gain hands on experience exploring these fields.

Twice a month after school; 2:30-4

American Red Cross

Jolean Escoto


Sasha Mariscal

To raise awareness for things such as emergency situations and learn first aid, CPR, emergency preparedness, promote blood donations in the community.

Wednesday @Lunch in Room 300

American Sign Language Club

Kat Hummer

Katie Shanahan

Eric Scheckler

To learn ASL and to connect to an audience we wouldn’t otherwise be able to talk to.

1-2 times per week in Room 110

ASB & Class Officers

Matthew Norambuena

Milana McDermott

Students of all grade levels have the opportunity to hone their leadership and decision-making skills by serving as ASB or Student Council officers. These officers plan, execute and sponsor numerous student activities throughout the year. 

Monday @Lunch in Activities; Lab Day mornings; Class Officers -Tuesday @Lunch

Beach Protection Program

Rachel Lopez

Cameron Banks

Brian Haynes

Promote environmental awareness on campus and in the community. Promote participation in local beach clean-ups

Wednesday @Lunch in Room 113

Beach Volleyball Club Team for Boys


Cody Cowell

For boys to participate in IBVL Varsity Club Beach Volleyball competitions against other high schools at local beaches

Fall - After school

Beach Volleyball Club Team for Girls

Lauren Turner, Tina LeVine, Piper Twombley

Tiffany Morales

For girls to participate in IBVL Varsity Club Beach Volleyball competitions against other high schools at local beaches.

Spring - Wed & Fri

after school

Best Buddies

Hannah Tiedemann

Annaliese Kaxon-Rupp


Allie Pazmino

To empower youth to become advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through organizing and attending special events that promote advocacy, bring awareness about the disability rights movement, and found a chapter for the Best Buddies collective.

Tuesday @Lunch in Room 317

Bible Fellowship: Lectio Divina

Brennan Elming

Rick Egan

To reflect on the Word of God in Sacred Scripture, and to discuss how it pertains to our lives. It will promote fellowship with fellow students and open our hearts to let the Word of the Lord influence our lives.

Twice a month @Lunch in room 215

Bishop Ambassadors


John Fitzsimons

This is a leadership organization that promotes student involvement within the school and in the local community. They are actively involved with the Incoming Freshmen Admission process by representing Bishop Montgomery at feeder school visits, presentations and Open House, among other events. Applications are open to current freshman, sophomores, and juniors each May.

Mondays @Lunch in Room 303

Bishop Fitness

Victoria Lopez

Matthew Norambuena

Eddie Valdovinos

Carrie Rey

To offer a workout program to students in their off season, to those who would like to workout without participating in a sport, and to those who would like to be educated on exercising and eating healthy.

Wed after school in Weight Room

Black & Gold Letterman Club

Alexander Lehr

Celeste Adams


For all who are loyal and devoted to the well-being and promotion of ALL BMHS Athletic programs. Help promote good sportsmanship, awareness and attendance at athletic events, cultivate school spirit, and fundraise for athletics.

1-2 times per month depending on events in Room 105

Board Games with Seniors

Diana Gomez

Victoria Keller

Sasha Mariscal

To interact with senior citizens at the senior center and to keep them company while playing board games with them.

1-2 times per week

California Scholarship Federation


Christine Collette

CSF is open to all students who meet the minimum, academic requirements. Students who sign-up and qualify for membership to CSF for four semesters in their Sophomore, Junior and Senior years are declared sealbearers. Sealbearers receive awards at graduation and are allowed to wear the gold CSF cord and lamp pin at Commencement exercises. Students who sign-up and qualify for all six semesters receive an additional honor of being a 100% member. 



Alyssa Accinelli and Teresa Trujillo

Laura Fabbri

To serve the community.

Thursdays @Lunch in 111

Drama Lab

Angelina Hererra

Olivia Pilon

Sonia Kortenkamp

Sierra Evans & Megan Moreau

To openly welcome students to artistically understand all concepts of the theater, including acting, stage managing, dancing, singing, designing sets, creating costumes, etc.

After school during show season in TMH

Film Cluib

Liliana Linan

Jason Hilliard

Lana Katnich

Brian Haynes

Learn about the history of the film industry, analyze and discuss films, learn about different types of films, and create short films.

Wednesdays @Lunch in Room 205


Angelina Herrera

Melissa Rudder

The club meets to perform improv games and other activities which tools for students to breakout of their shell and make new friends.

Tuesdays/Thursdays; 2:30-4 in Room 307

International Club

Will Li

Shu Qin

Thomas Li

Eric Scheckler

Jen Sabol

Learn about different cultures, promote cultural interactions and understanding.

Every other Tuesday @Lunch in Room 317

Junior State of America


Logan Garten

Tyler Garten

Cynthia Delay

Raise political awareness in students, build leadership skills through public speaking, debates, and national and statewide events.

2-4 times a month @Lunch in Room 206


Key Club

Katherine Dang

Richard Meyette

To become active members in the community through service and live the values of BMHS.

Wednesdays @Lunch in Room 304



Catherine Wilson

To publish a student-run self-sufficient newspaper focused on campus life and current events.

Thursdays @Lunch in Room 205

Knights Council


Amy Traxler

They introduce prospective students to our BMHS community through the shadow program. Freshman and sophomore students may apply, and can be nominated by faculty.

Throughout the year

Latin Club

Sarah Oppenheim

Megan Moreau

Promotion of the Latin program, scholarship opportunities, and membership through National Junior Classical League.

TBA (for enrolled Latin class students only) in Room 306

Math Competition Club

Thomas Li

Will Li

Mr. Meyette

To study and learn competitive math problems, prepare students in the math field, and enrich students through participation in math competitions.

Twice a month @Lunch

Mock Trial

Victoria Keller

Sasha Mariscal

Teams of students prepare and present the trial from the perspectives of both the prosecution and the defense. Mock Trial team members play different roles, including trial attorneys, pretrial motion attorneys, witnesses, clerks, and bailiffs.

Once a week in Room 300

National Honor Society

Kennedy Dierks

Milana McDermott

To recognize students for scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Sophomore, junior, and senior students may apply in January of each year.

Throughout the year

Paws for a Cause

Lucy May Aki

Micaela Figueroa

Laura Fabbri

To raise awareness about animal injustices, and raise money to donate to animal shelters.

Wednesdays @Lunch in Room 111

Science Club

Joshua Kwon

Lisa Walle

Provide opportunities for students interested in science; to further develop their knowledge and explore more science topics out of class`

Tuesday @Lunch

Speech & Debate

Irenosen Aboiralor

Shannon Rooney

To broaden students’ knowledge of International issues and improve public speaking.

Twice a week @Lunch & after school in Room 115

Strategy Game Club

Tyler Garten

Matthew Craig

Yilong Xiang

Brian Adams

To bring together students interested in playing strategy games and chess

Twice a week during after school  in the Library

(Monday and Tuesday)

Surf Club

Brian Stinson

Kevin McGoldrick

To compete in a surf league with other schools in the South Bay, and participate in local beach clean-ups.

Beach locations during competition season

Technology & Programming

Logan Garten

Brian Adams

To allow students interested in programming and computer systems to meet with like-minded individuals. To provide an environment for students to complete programming projects and to teach the basics of programming to students interested in learning.

Thursday after school in the Library

Yoga Club

Katie Shanahan

Kevin McGoldrick

To help students and staff  de-stress and find inner peace through the art of yoga.

Thursday after school in Room 213