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Freshmen Counseling Info


  •    Get involved in extracurricular activities
  •    Stay connected to your Link Crew Leaders
  •    Study hard and get good grades
  •    Reach out to teachers and/or your counselor at any time for help



  •    New semester = new grades and classes
  •    Explore your interests and ask questions
  •    Stay connected to your Link Crew Leaders
  •    Start thinking about the classes you want to take sophomore year



  •    Get involved in school and outside of school
  •    Continue to build your qualifications- Keep track of your extracurricular awards, community service achievements, and anything else you participate in
  •    Study hard and continue to keep your grades up
  •    You will meet with your new counselor (Mrs. Dunn, Ms. Flores, Mrs. Schubert, Mrs. Kirmer or Mr. Saucedo) to discuss your plans for the summer and the upcoming school year



  •    Create your resume and fill it with activities and accomplishments from freshmen year
  •    Think and start planning your Volunteer or Community Service
  •    Have Fun