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 An Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic High School Fully Accredited by WCEA and WASC  

Parking Policies


The limited number of available parking spaces will be issued on a first come basis to seniors and juniors.  Seniors will be given priority. 

The fee to reserve/rent a student parking space on campus is $75 for the school year. Based on availability, students have the option to reserve/rent a space for second semester only, at a fee of $50.

Parking applications are available to current juniors only at the student store beginning May 9th. Current juniors may begin purchasing parking permits for spaces at the student store on May 10th. 

Applications will be available to current sophomores beginning May 16th and they may begin purchasing parking permits on May 17th.

IMPORTANT: Upon purchasing a parking permit, students will be required to present the following:  1) Proof of registration for each car being registered;  2) Driver’s license (not permit);  3) Their  BMHS ID. 

Parking spaces will be assigned at the time of purchase and students will be limited to one parking space.

All cars must be registered with BMHS and a maximum of three cars can be registered for one parking space.

If you do NOT use your parking space, you may NOT allow other students to park in your space. Please be courteous and do not purchase a space if you will not be using it regularly.

Students must display the parking decal from their rear view mirror or on the front dashboard at all times while the vehicle is on campus. Failure to comply will result in a parking violation.

Students are responsible for replacing lost tags. This can be done at the Activities Office for a fee of $10.00.

All parking violations will be subjected to a minimum of a $10.00 fine for a first offense, $25.00 for a second offense and $50.00 for a third offense. Ticket fines are to be paid to the student store. Seniors will not be permitted to purchase a Prom bid, if parking fees have not been paid.

If the car is registered with the Activities Office, a fourth violation will result in the loss of the privilege to park on campus and the original parking fee will not be refunded. If the car is not registered with the Activities Office, the car will be immediately towed at the owner’s expense.

Parking spaces are only rented to you. Do not paint or make any markings on any part of the asphalt or curb.  These will be considered serious offenses and will be dealt with accordingly.

The parking spaces are to be parked in as they are designed, there will be no parking between two spaces or opposite to the guidelines on the asphalt.

If someone parks in your spot, park your car in the green Visiting Section in front of the Main Office and complete a parking complaint form in the Main Office. DO NOT park in a space other than your own, or you too, will be in violation.

The Activities Office, as well as the Fire Marshall, will be enforcing all of the fire zones (red zone, entrances & exits, and the middle of the parking lots, etc.). Parking in a fire zone is a misdemeanor according to Torrance City Ordinance #3000. It is punishable by jail and/or a $500.00 fine in a decision of the court.