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Honors World History

Honors World History and Cultures                                                                  

Instructor: Mr. McGoldrick



Course Outline & Syllabus

Course Objectives

  1. Explore how humankind has changed since its hominid ancestors walked the earth in order to understand what makes us unique, in relation to other living species.
  2. Grasp the distinctive characteristics of human beings and how their thought, behavior, and interactions have changed over time.
  3. Learn how to interpret primary sources and how their interpretation has led to our understanding of previous cultures.
  4. Teach life skills that will help you succeed in college and beyond including how to read critically, write effectively, and work cooperatively on a variety of topics.

Class Policies

  1.       Textbook World History: Patterns of Interaction (Beck 2012)
  2.        Notebook for World history notes only (If using chrome books for notes, loose leaf paper is required.)
  3.        Needed for each class: Textbook, chrome book, notebook, paper, and writing utensils (must have red pen for corrections in class).
  4.  Late work: 50% off for late homework 0% if it is submitted a week late, 10% per day will be deducted for project and papers.

    Submitting Late/Absent Assignments: Late and absent work should be submitted on Canvas. For absent work you will need to email me as follows: In the subject write your first and last name, Period # and the name of the assignment as it appears on classroom or canvas.  If I were in 3rd period and turning in something absent the subject of my email  should appear as follows - Absent, Joe Bloggs, Period 3,  p. 33 1-8. please make sure to Label you absent work as absent at the top of the page.

    Assignments that do not follow the procedure will not end up in the correct location and will not be graded for full points. 

  5.       Makeup tests: Students are required to take makeup tests within two days of an absence.  Arrangements can be made for prolonged illnesses.
  6.       Be prepared for class when the bell rings. Students must be in seat prior to the bell ringing with assignments out and prepared to take notes.   As noted in the handbook, students who do not have their book in class will lose participation points.  Students will also lose participation points for excessive requests to leave the classroom.
  7.       All school cheating, discipline, attendance, dress and gum chewing policies will be in effect.

Course Description:

We will begin with man’s prehistoric past, emergence of the world’s earliest civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, and the important contribution of Greek and Roman civilizations. Then we will focus on the relationship between developing religions, the effect of the Mongols on Europe and Asia, the development of feudal societies in Japan and Europe; and the early peoples of the Americas. In later European history particular attention will be given to the Renaissance, Reformation, and Exploration periods with emphasis on the relationship between Europe and other world cultures. With the Enlightenment we will lay the groundwork for understanding the development of the modern world.  From there we will study the impact of industrialization, globalization, and technology.  We will finish with the political conflicts of the 20th century, defining how these events shape our current global climate. 


Grades will be based on the following point system:

Homework and classwork assignments          5-20 pts

Tests and Final                                                50-200 pts                         

Participation                                                     up to 50 pts per grading period.

Quizzes                                                           10-25 pts

Essay/Projects                                                 25-50 pts

In order to remain in Honors World History students must maintain a C- or above.

Hon. U. S. History req. – 3.5 GPA, B- or better in Hon. World History, Hon. or AP English

AP U. S. History req. – 4.0 GPA, B- or better in Hon. World History, Hon. or AP English

BMHS Percentage grading scale

97-100                  A+                                                       77-79                    C+                          Below 60                F

93-96                    A                                                         73-76                    C

90-92                    A-                                                        70-72                    C-

87-89                    B+                                                        67-69                    D+

83-86                    B                                                          63-66                    D

80-82                    B-                                                         60-62                    D-


Office Hours: Mon-Thurs after school by appointment