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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

A student of Bishop Montgomery must meet certain requirements for graduation. Each student will take one English and one religion class each semester. Students must complete a minimum of 240 credits (48 semesters) for graduation. Each successfully completed semester course is worth 5 credits. Our list of required courses can be downloaded in PDF format. To download this file, follow the link below.

Registration Review

Academic & College Counselors meet with transitioning Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors in the library during the month of March to plan the following year's courses at BMHS. Requirements are reviewed and a Registration Review Worksheet is completed. All students will be able to ask their counselors personal questions about upcoming courses and what is best to take in their next year's schedule. We recommend that students share their registration review worksheet with their parents.  

A warning that a large number of students sign up to see their counselor right before Re-Registration Day. IF YOU SIGN UP AT THIS TIME, YOU MAY NOT BE SEEN in time for re-registration! Sign up early to see your counselor.