A single edition of a yearbook serves many purposes. It is a public relations tool, reference book, record book, picture book, and history book, but, most importantly, it is an educational experience. With this understanding, the editors and staff undertake their task to capture the entirety of one school year accurately. The Yearbook class is an elective course in which students learn the techniques and principles of yearbook journalism, the graphic principles of layout and design, and the fundamentals of managing a small business. The staff aims to produce a journalistically sound, creative, and unique book on time. Within a budget, foster student growth in journalism and graphic design, develop leadership skills, and provide experience in business management. Students in Yearbook will learn the programs and skills necessary to create the school yearbook.
Yearbook Staff Members Participate in the Following:
  • Conducting interviews
  • Writing stories
  • Taking photos
  • Creating layouts on Adobe InDesign 
  • Marketing the yearbook
  • Creating a yearbook

Congratulations to our 2023 - 2024 Excalibur Editor-in-Chief: Leah Gabriella Cardenas '24!

If you want to join the yearbook staff, contact Ms. Catherine Wilson at [email protected] or stop by the yearbook room 301.