Bishop Montgomery High School

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 An Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic High School Fully Accredited by WCEA and WASC  

Personal Counseling Services

Outreach Concern is our new Personal Counseling service agency. The office is located just east of the first building in an office by the Faculty Center.

Phone: (310) 540-2021 ext. 263


Mr. Brace Bacon will be on-campus Tuesday & Thursday 8:00am – 3:00pm, email bbacon@bmhs-la.org

Ms. Lindsey Washington will be on-campus Monday & Friday 8:00am – 3:00pm, email lwashington@bmhs-la.org


Referral slips and submittal mail boxes are available in the Academic Counseling Office in the first building, Attendance Office in the first building, in the Campus Ministry Office in the second building, and outside the Outreach Concern Office.