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Welcome!  I am Mr. Cheung and this is my 5th year at Bishop Montgomery High School.  I currently teach:
AP Calculus AB (syllabus)
Introduction to Engineering Design (syllabus)
Aerospace Engineering (syllabus)
I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering with a Minor in Computer Science from California State University Long Beach.  I am currently in my last semester for my Master of Arts in Mathematics Education at Western Governor's University.  I have taught Algebra I and Statistics at West High School for my student teaching.  Then I taught Algebra I and PreCalculus at South High School, both were in Torrance Unified.  Next, I was teaching 7th Grade, 7th Grade Accelerated, and 8th Grade Math at Bethune Middle School in LAUSD.  Finally, I am back in Torrance teaching here at Bishop Montgomery High.
All of my notes are posted in Google Classroom, so please feel free to contact me by email if you need the class code.  I am available during lunch and after school Monday through Thursday until 2:45 P.M. to offer my assistance for any student that needs extra help in understanding the math, or parent(s) if they have any concerns regarding their child.  So don't be shy to email me if you have any concerns or just need help with the math.
Currently, I am the moderator for the Car Enthusiast Club and Cultural Awareness Club.  I am the former moderator of the ACE (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering) Mentorship Club, which partially coincides with the Introduction to Engineering Design class I teach.
Thank you for stopping by.