Andrew Haas '86

What was the best part of your experience as a student at BMHS?

Oh, there were so many. However, the best part of my experience was having a dedicated staff unwilling to let me get in the way of my learning. The love and support from each teacher were the fuel I needed to take the next step.

What is one of your favorite memories as a student?

Mr. Vogler's Speech Class. As one of two freshmen in a class of upperclassmen, it was "do or die." You had to be on your toes for an impromptu speech any day. The last part of the class was parliamentary procedure ending with a full debate. To this day, I use the skills I learned in the class at every school board meeting.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

Just one?! That really does not seem fair! Mr. Farkas, who always reminded us that whatever we did, Mr. Wolfenbarger, Mr. Vogler, and he had already done. Mrs. Kline, who made sure I was in dress code every day. Sterling Hart, his name said it all. But, if I must pick one, Mrs. Tammy Martinez-Payne. Mrs. Martinez-Payne refused to let me slide by. In my senior yearbook, she wrote, "Perhaps, Mr. Haas, one day you will understand you were meant to be a teacher." That one quote...

Life after high school:
I graduated from CSU Dominguez Hills with a B.A. in English Literature, CSU Los Angeles with a M.A. in Special Education and from Plymouth State University with a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Educational Leadership.

I have worked in education since 1994 where I began as an Assistant Teacher at an alternative high school. I have worked as a special education teacher, special education coordinator, high school football coach, high school Dean of Students, Assistant Principal, and Principal, an Elementary Principal, a Director of Student Services. I am currently a Superintendent of Schools in New Hampshire.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

I used to go Squatchin with Jim "Bobo" Fay '84 back in the day.