Olivia Park '25

Why did you choose Bishop Montgomery High School?


I chose Bishop Montgomery High School because of the joy of balance that I encountered. Seeing students participate in a variety of activities made me know that Bishop would foster many outlets of my interests, making me more well-rounded in my athletics, academics, and faith life. 


What are your favorite classes and why?


My favorite classes at Bishop Montgomery High School are in the English and science departments. The English department challenges my critical analysis skills and helps me to view different perspectives of a story to draw out my own unique and creative writing. The science department allows me to experiment and understand the world that surrounds us while giving me the lab days I need to be successful in future advanced science courses. 


Which extracurricular activities are you involved in?


At Bishop Montgomery High School, I try to embark in as many pathways that stimulate my interests. I am one of the captains for the varsity track and field and cross country teams. I am the president and founder of the Hiking Club. I'm also a board member for Lettermen Club and Cancer Support Club. I am a member of Key Club, Concordia, Marine Biology and Animal Conservation, ASL, Green Team, and Culinary Clubs.  I help with being a shadow host for Knights' Council and a Link Crew leader, as well as an Ambassador, a member of Principal's Advisory, and a member of CSF and NHS.


What is the best part of your day?


The best part of my day is getting to spend time with my supportive student body and friends. Finding like-minded and passionate individuals was one of the best gifts Bishop Montgomery High School gave to me. My friends inspire me to be myself and beyond, encouraging me to enjoy every moment, try new things, and pursue my passions.