Evan Budrovich '11

Evan Budrovich '11, left, is a sports broadcaster for ESPN and the ACC Network

What was the best part of your experience as a student at BMHS?


At Bishop Montgomery, we were given the opportunity to try everything and explore our interests. Every student had the opportunity to thrive, largely because the community was so inviting and welcoming of everyone's individual story. Bishop was a place where we wanted the best for each other, and were willing to help push each other to our best: in the classroom, on the field, learning how to have fun and develop into adults; you name it.

What is one of your favorite memories as a student?


One of my favorite memories at Bishop Montgomery was showing up early to class on block schedule days, ordering a delicious breakfast burrito, and catching up with friends up and down the hallways. The camaraderie of a small place like Bishop Montgomery where you knew almost everyone in your graduating class is something I truly miss.

Who was your favorite teacher/coach/moderator and why?


Carrie Rey was my high school AP Biology teacher and volleyball coach. On the court, Coach Rey was intense and dedicated to her craft. She demanded the utmost respect and the highest attention to detail. If you were unprepared or lacking in a certain area, Coach Rey would find it and exploit it. She challenged me to think well beyond what was required and instead think “How can I thrive, not just survive.” That same method was true in the classroom: she set high expectations and respected students who worked hard. I was not the smartest student, but I made sure to show up early, stay late, and put my best foot forward.

Life after high school:

After graduating from Bishop Montgomery, I attended the University of Southern California and completed my degree in broadcast journalism. Four days after graduation, I moved across the country and began working in minor-league baseball out in North Carolina. Now 12 years removed from high school, I live in Raleigh as a sports broadcaster for the ACC Network and ESPN covering every sport imaginable. 

What is one fun fact about yourself?


I am a black belt in Taekwondo and have worked an event covering Professional Pillow Fighting.