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 An Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic High School Fully Accredited by WCEA and WASC  

Honors English I (Period 3, 5)

Melissa Rhoades-Rudder
Fall 2017


Course Description

Honors English I is a one-year genre-survey emphasizing critical reading and literary analysis.  Throughout the year, students will read and interpret poetry, plays, short stories, mythology, and novels.  Beginning with fundamentals of argumentative writing and essay structure and advancing to a comparative five-paragraph paper, students will develop the skills necessary for successful academic writing.  Students will engage in writing as a process, and will practice prewriting, outlining, and extensive revisions.  As this is an honors course, students will face a challenging workload, including monthly independent novel essays, daily reading assignments, creative projects, and writing assignments of varied lengths, formality, and style, in order to strengthen their critical thinking and writing skills for higher level honors and AP courses and university-level work.

All homework assignments and resources will be posted on Google Classroom.