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Video Production (Period 4)

Eric Hankey
Fine Arts
Fall 2014


Course Description

Please read the syllabus attached below, then click on the link below to fill out the form to verify that you've completed the assignment of Reading The Syllabus.


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Indoor Lighting with Bounce Card

I wish I was able to be here today, but I have to again travel to East LA for Los Angeles Catholic Schools Band - related business.  This should be a fun project - enjoy!
Indoor Lighting with Bounce Card
Film Tuesday, November 18, 2014 - submit via Convent wifi on 11/19/14 during class
- Divide into four groups of four:
 1. Camera operator
 2. Bounce card tech
 3. & 4. Actors
- Create a 30-second or less scene of any appropriate content of your choice
- Film the exact same scene five times:
   - Once with natural lighting
   - Once with white bounce card
   - Once with gold bounce card
   - Once with silver bounce card
   - Once with black bounce card
Be sure that the bounce card is held close enough to the subjects to change the lighting and shadows in the final product.
Turn this project in via Convent wifi on Wednesday, 11/19/14.
Good luck!

Demonstration Video Abstract - due 9/29/14

Please copy this into an email, then include an abstract of how your Demonstration Video fulfills each of these requirements, including timing:

Shooting - project should balance between long shots & close-ups


  • Close-ups: 90% head & shoulders, just above head to armpit; no profiles - see both eyes

  • Long shots (wide shots): answers “where are we?”

  • Medium shots: less used, not enough facial detail or context, good to dim the surrounding background to keep from distracting the viewer

  • Extreme close-up (ECU): use very sparingly

  • Over-the-Shoulder shots: for conversations, 2-camera

  • Point-Of-View (POV) shot: part of sequence


  • Keep headroom consistent

  • Looking room: leave a little more space on the side they are looking toward

  • Lead room: leave for where action is headed

  • Stationary shots: diagonal lines are good, vertical & horizontal are dull

  • Movement toward & away in diagonals - get close to the camera

  • Foreground elements: especially good in long shots

  • Framing: good for some long shots, when possible

Camera Position

  • Get close to your subject! Camera operators love wide angle lenses, rarely use telephoto

  • Low & High Angle Shots: submissive/ dominant; avoid unless specifically desired

  • Zoom: NEVER do it! Don’t use a camcorder like your own naturally wandering eyes

  • Basic “locked off” shooting: use a tripod

  • Panning: don’t zoom, only use to follow action; nice to have a fluid head

  • Advanced camera movement: using dollies, jib arms, steadicam