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PSI & Parent Booster Clubs » What is PSI?

What is PSI?

Parent-School Involvement (PSI) is a program instituted by Bishop Montgomery for several reasons:

- To provide a platform for social activities among parents. A key indicator of an effective school is a high level of parental support and involvement in curricular and extra curricular activities.

- To provide parents with a feeling of ownership and investment.

- To provide necessary assistance for the school, its teachers, coaches, staff, and students that would otherwise be an expense to the school.

Through the PSI Program, all parents are required to make a commitment of ten (10) hours to school involvement per semester. Involvement hours will be given for any physical hours volunteered at BMHS on projects benefiting:

- Student Activities
- Team Activities
- Campus Beautification Activities
- Student Organizations
- Office
- Classroom
- Campus Security and Traffic Control

Involvement hours may be given for refreshments only if these refreshments are needed by an organization or team or if solicited by a school organization or team for a specific purpose. The maximum hours given for baked goods or refreshments is 2 hours (unless a special need is met and this same need was pre-approved in writing by a BMHS administrator). Please attach a receipt when you submit this form.


PSI Hours Breakdown

Each PSI hour is valued at $17.50

All parents will be assessed a fee of $175.00 per semester as a built-in accountability factor. To ensure credit for your service hours, ask the coordinator of the event in which you are involved to sign the “ PSI Check-Off Sheet.”

At the completion of your ten hours for each semester, please send the completed “ PSI Check-Off Sheet” to the tuition office.

*If you are looking for events to volunteer your time, please check the monthly parent newsletter.

*All credit for hours worked in the current school year must be credited in that school year. All 20 hours of PSI must be turned in by April.

If you have any questions, contact the tuition office at (310) 540-2021 ext. 242.

Sign Up Through SignUpGenius

Campus-wide Bishop Montgomery parent service (PSI) opportunities and signs-up are now managed through 
Please note that all users must have a SignUpGenius account to sign up for Bishop Montgomery PSI service opportunities. If you do not yet have a SignUpGenius account, please click here prior to visiting the PSI sign-up page (link below).