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 An Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic High School Fully Accredited by WCEA and WASC  



Instructor: Mr. McGoldrick



Course Outline & Syllabus

Course Objectives

  1. Explore what drives an economy and why it is important for students to be informed participants.
  2. Grasp why different variables have an effect on both a micro and macro economic level.
  3. Understand the role governments and financial intuitions play in regulation an economy.
  4. Teach life skills that will help you succeed in college and beyond including how to read critically, write effectively, and work cooperatively on a variety of topics.

Class Policies

  1.        Textbook- California Economics: Principles in Action, 2019.
  2.             Notebook for this class only (If using chrome books for notes, loose leaf paper is required.)
  3.             Needed for each class: Textbook, chrome book, notebook, paper, and writing utensils (must have red pen for corrections in class).
  4.        Late work: 50% off for late homework 0% if it is submitted a week late, 10% per day will be deducted for project and papers.  In case of absence assignment/homework is due the day after you return.

    Submitting Late/Absent Assignments: Late and absent work should be submitted on Canvas. For absent work you will need to email me as follows: In the subject write your first and last name, Period # and the name of the assignment as it appears on classroom or canvas.  If I were in 3rd period and turning in something absent the subject of my email  should appear as follows - Absent, Joe Bloggs, Period 3,  p. 33 1-8. please make sure to Label you absent work as absent at the top of the page.

    Assignments that do not follow the procedure will not end up in the correct location and will not be graded for full points. 

  5.             Makeup tests: Students are required to take makeup tests within two days of an absence.  Arrangements can be made for prolonged illnesses.
  6.             Be prepared for class when the bell rings. Students must be in seat prior to the bell ringing with assignments out and prepared to take notes.   As noted in the handbook, students who do not have their book in class will lose participation points.  Students will also lose participation points for excessive requests to leave the classroom.
  7.             All school cheating, discipline, attendance, dress and gum chewing policies will be in effect.

Course Description:

We will begin with basic economic principles, exploring the concepts of opportunity cost and production possibilities. Then we delve into the basic microeconomic principles of supply, demand, and equilibrium so we can build into more complex macroeconomic projections. We will measure economic performance and build an understanding of national income and price determination, which will allow us to study the financial sector.  From there we will study the impact macroeconomic policies, inflation, and unemployment in relation to economic growth.  We will finish with international trade and finance including an in depth look at the stock market. 



Grades will be based on the following point system:

Homework and classwork assignments          5-20 pts

Tests and Final                                                50-200 pts                         

Participation                                                    up to 50 pts per grading period.

Quizzes                                                           10-25 pts

Essay/Projects                                                25-50 pts


BMHS Percentage grading scale

97-100                 A+                                                       77-79                    C+                          Below 60                F

93-96                    A                                                          73-76                    C

90-92                    A-                                                        70-72                    C-

87-89                    B+                                                        67-69                    D+

83-86                    B                                                          63-66                    D

80-82                    B-                                                         60-62                    D-


Office Hours: Mon-Thurs after school by appointment