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Development Office » Honor A Teacher, Coach, or Staff Member

Honor A Teacher, Coach, or Staff Member

Through Knight Pride, our annual giving program, you can honor your favorite BMHS teacher, coach, administrator, or staff member and we will publish your thoughts about them here.

In March 2015, we sent all alumni a newsletter and remit envelope regarding ways to make a gift in honor of a teacher, coach, administrator, or staff member. 

How to Make a Gift "In Honor of" a Teacher, Coach, or Staff Member
There are several ways you can make a gift in honor of a teacher, coach, administrator, or staff member who had an impact on your life:

- Send a check in the remit envelope we sent home in March
- Call the Development/Alumni Office to use a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
- Make a secure, online gift by clicking here.

You can email us at with your thoughts about your favorite teacher, coach, administrator, or staff member. 

For more information on Knight Pride and making a gift, click on the links to the right.


"During my years of formal education there were a few teachers that inspired me to learn and exceed even my expectations. One of those teachers was Mr. [Peter] Khairallah. Thank you."
Anonymous '67

"Fr. Gary Klauer was a thoughtful man - a good teacher at BMHS and a fine pastor at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. He is missed."
Gina Edwards-Nyman '74

"I was very happy to see that you put a picture of Sr. Peter Marie on the flyer and envelope. She was my Spanish teacher in 1965 and 1965, the year I graduated. She was a wonderful teacher and person. Though tiny in stature, she had a big heart. I will never forget her."
Lina Palomo '65

"Sister Ann Constance taught me English for two years. I submitted what seemed to be endless compositions and reports mostly earning a C+ grade. Once I received an A- and another time, a B+ for my efforts. I was not Sr. Ann Constance's star student. 

She spoke often about how we needed to be able to write in order to succeed in college. Sr. Ann Constance frequently suggested indirectly that we needed vast improvement. My rather fair grades engendered a sense of terror in me as college approached. Imagine my surprise that every piece of written work earned an "A" and was cited by my professors as an example of creative and grammatically correct writing! It was then that I realized that her method of pushing us to be better had served me well. Years later at our 10 year reunion, I suggested to Sr. Ann Constance that her teaching style was intended to make college easier. She just smiled knowingly and never uttered a word in response.

Although I am not a professional writer, as a physical therapist I have authored many articles and recently was published in a textbook. None of my writing accomplishments would be successful without the impact of this English teacher. Sr. Ann Constance's precise feedback and diligent dictums on the importance of being able to communicate effectively via the written word have helped me clearly convey complex ideas. The ultimate result is that many people have learned how to help others out of physical pain, a Christian value instilled at BMHS. It is my pleasure to honor Sr. Ann Constance with a gift in her name."
Mariann Sisco '71 

"Sister Celine Marie taught Creative Writing during my freshman year. She truly seemed to enjoy our various compositions that we submitted and was always encouraging. 

What I primarily recall about her was her kindness. Sr. Celine Marie possessed a permanent soft smile and it was easy to trust her. I remember bringing a personal problem to her because she was so approachable. At this point in time, I cannot recall exactly what Sr. Celine Marie told me, only that I felt better after speaking with her. Presently, I teach continuing education seminars for health care professionals. One of the consistent pieces of feedback I receive is my approachability. I credit Sr. Celine Marie as a contributor to this attribute. It is a pleasure to remember Sister Celine Marie with a gift in her honor. Thank you Sr. Celine Marie!"
Mariann Sisco '71

"In 4th year Latin, Father Anselm Romb, OFM Conv. had us do a group translation of the Aeneid from our very best individual efforts. The job was fun; the result spectacular; so much better than any individual's work. This lesson in the power of collaboration has been a life long inspiration to me. But I have "co-favorites." Sister Rita Francis, Sister Rose Margaret, Sister Mary, and Sister Constance were lasting models of strong, talented, loving women who were also excellent educators. I was so fortunate to have them as mentors. Thanks BMHS! Glad to have been a part of your early years."
Cheryl Lucken '61

"Fr. Ignatius told me teaching is 'service' and I would have stayed in teaching if I truly understood that."
Rosalie Moore '70

"My gift is in honor of Sister Rose Margaret. Sister Rose Margaret has been an inspiration for my interest in art for my entire life. My career in engineering has been much more creative because of her efforts to open my eyes to the world of art."
William Steinway, Ph.D '61

"It was difficult to pick a favorite teacher because all of the teachers and staff at Bishop Montgomery have made a lasting impact on my life. Mr. [Mike] Camba was one of the most inspiring teachers because of the way he pushed his students to do their best work and because of the way he taught history in a way that made the stories vivid. I went on to receive a Bachelor's degree in history, and in every history class I took, I was reminded of how much I learned from Mr. Camba."
Sara Tobias '10

"The person that I would like to honor is my wrestling coach, Larry Willeman. Without his knowledge and guidance, I would only be half the man I am today. He taught me about passion for wrestling through hard work, and pushing myself like I've never done before. I started the wrestling program as a 4-foot, 11-inch boy with no confidence and left Bishop a 5-foot man with great strength and awesome experiences. Thank you, Larry."
Joe Podzimek '95

"Sr. Peter Marie: She was tough, but caring. God bless her."
Michelle Williams-Goodlett '75

"Mr. [Thomas] O'Keefe: He made me appreciate poetry."
Fritz Schneider '67

"How do I choose among all the great teachers I had? Sisters Joseph Adele, Rita Francis, Regina Clare, Rose Margaret, Mary Constance, Cecilia Clare, Rose Eileen, etc., etc. Fathers Leo, Laurence, Ignatius, etc. This donation honors all my teachers from 1958-1962."
Arlene Rodgers-Svilich '62

"A warm and friendly 'thumbs up' to fellow BMHS alumnus Jerry Leininger. In 1968-69, Jerry was a first year teacher/coach with the right stuff and his positive approach left many with positive memories. Thank you."
Ralph Lepore '72

"Gift in Honor of: Coach Ernie Martinez"
Tim Tessalone '73

"Mr. [Bill] Wolfenbarger - one of those teachers I will never forget. Taught me how to take notes and study for tests; prepared me for college; showed me what it means to have a positive influence on others. Who could forget his summer tan!"
Keith Slattery '87

"Jack Ettleman had a great attitude and he made learning math a fun challenge for me. He personalized education by getting to know the students as people, so I admired him as both a teacher and as a role model in life."
Kevin Slattery '85

"As an English teacher, tutor, professional proofreader, copy editor, and counselor/therapist, my role model has, is and always will be Sister Joseph Adele, my sophomore and junior English teacher. Not only did she have tremendous time management skills to cover all the assignments and projects we needed to do, as well as her obligations as a nun, but also she had a deep sense of caring about her students as individuals both in class and in regards to their future plans. Sister, most definitely, was a very approachable person and one whose personality let students know that they could always share thoughts and feelings with her about personal issues. Although she passed away on Christmas day in the same year as the Class of 1961's 50th reunion, to me she will forever live long and prosper in my heart and soul. God Bless you, Sister Joseph Adele!"
Ida Nazon, Ph.D '61

"I think of [Mrs. Faulko] often. She imparted into me a love for stories - whether through literature or movies. She always challenged us to think deeper into the message the author was disclosing. I have good memories of getting into good discussions over a novel we had read. To this day, I enjoy dissecting a book or movie with a girl friend. Fond Memories, Mrs. Faulko. Hope all is well."
Rosemary Catena-Trez '70

"Gift in Honor of: Coach Marv Wood and the entire Montgomery H.S. staff."
Robert Lamb '73 

"Sr. Mona Castelazo's wit and humor made English bearable."
Ann Skelley-Vaccaro '81

"I recently found a beautiful letter that Coach [George] Swade wrote to my mother when I was a member of his football team in 1964. I could have gone many ways, but his pep talks were always inspirational and full of wisdom. I thank God he was in my life."
Fr. Mike McCullough '64

"Mrs. [Karen] Adamik brought music to my life. She opened the door to a musical calling that has only benefited me in my career throughout the years. I have a deeper understanding of the arts because of her. My years in choir benefited me in teamwork and the understanding of life. Arts are so important! Thank you, Mrs. Adamik!!"
Daniel Blake '88

"Gift in Honor of: Mrs. [Patti] Loehr."
Brigitte Del Homme '97

"Gift in Honor of: Sr. Miriam Tiburcio (Spanish), Betty Harwood (Typing), and Judy Cobabe (Science)."
Gregory Laurinat '78
"Gift in Honor of: Fr. Al Romanowski (Homeroom) and Fr. Fabian Labedis (Biology)."
Mark Holmes '62

"Ms. Ann Dechow taught me Economics my junior year. She showed me how the points of data on graphs flow together so beautifully. She explained it so well that when I majored in Economics in college, I sailed through my Microeconomics and Macroeconomics classes. She was the best Economics teacher I ever had."
Eileen E. O'Brien '80

"Very much like one's parents, true wisdom is realized later on - preparation, keeping an even keel, treating athletes fairly, believing in them, having few words when times are rough. Over the years when coaching baseball and now rowing, I try to apply these lessons and reflect on Coach [Marv] Wood and the good times at Bishop Montgomery."
Chuck Desiderio '68

"Ms. [Rosemary] Libbon has had the biggest impact on me. She exemplifies dedication and genuine concern for each student. She is gentle, kind, and loving. She displays unconditional love. She graces our school each day, and year after year, to make BMHS the outstanding school that it is."
Vanessa Cicchini '15

"Coach [Doug] Mitchell has had the biggest impact on me here at Bishop Montgomery because he is always encouraging me to improve on the basketball court and in the classroom. He has taught me that any time I take shortcuts, I am only cheating myself."
Ethan Thompson '17

"My whole reason for returning to BMHS was simply because I wanted to give back to a place that gave me a strong sense of faith, a challenging academic curriculum, and a community of friends that have lasted a lifetime! There are a few people who made quite an impact on my four years here, but one who is still on campus and still motivating students is Sra. Laura Fabbri. She was, and still is, very much a supporter of all her students at BMHS. She really made me enjoy Spanish as a third language, was ski club moderator, and offered much help whenever needed. It is because of her, and others like her, that I came back to BMHS in hopes of inspiring students to realize their dreams by being involved at school through athletics, clubs, and service organizations; executing in the classroom and making good choices! Thank you, Sra. Laura Fabbri! #KnightPride
Celeste Adams '94

"The teacher who has inspired me the most at Bishop Montgomery is Mr. [Eric] Franklin. He taught me to put all my effort into doing things the right way and the professional way no matter what. His use of sarcasm made everything in class enjoyable, even writing essays!"
Rebecca Tapanes '17