Indoor Lighting with Bounce Card

I wish I was able to be here today, but I have to again travel to East LA for Los Angeles Catholic Schools Band - related business.  This should be a fun project - enjoy!
Indoor Lighting with Bounce Card
Film Tuesday, November 18, 2014 - submit via Convent wifi on 11/19/14 during class
- Divide into four groups of four:
 1. Camera operator
 2. Bounce card tech
 3. & 4. Actors
- Create a 30-second or less scene of any appropriate content of your choice
- Film the exact same scene five times:
   - Once with natural lighting
   - Once with white bounce card
   - Once with gold bounce card
   - Once with silver bounce card
   - Once with black bounce card
Be sure that the bounce card is held close enough to the subjects to change the lighting and shadows in the final product.
Turn this project in via Convent wifi on Wednesday, 11/19/14.
Good luck!