Demonstration Video Abstract - due 9/29/14

Please copy this into an email, then include an abstract of how your Demonstration Video fulfills each of these requirements, including timing:

Shooting - project should balance between long shots & close-ups


  • Close-ups: 90% head & shoulders, just above head to armpit; no profiles - see both eyes

  • Long shots (wide shots): answers “where are we?”

  • Medium shots: less used, not enough facial detail or context, good to dim the surrounding background to keep from distracting the viewer

  • Extreme close-up (ECU): use very sparingly

  • Over-the-Shoulder shots: for conversations, 2-camera

  • Point-Of-View (POV) shot: part of sequence


  • Keep headroom consistent

  • Looking room: leave a little more space on the side they are looking toward

  • Lead room: leave for where action is headed

  • Stationary shots: diagonal lines are good, vertical & horizontal are dull

  • Movement toward & away in diagonals - get close to the camera

  • Foreground elements: especially good in long shots

  • Framing: good for some long shots, when possible

Camera Position

  • Get close to your subject! Camera operators love wide angle lenses, rarely use telephoto

  • Low & High Angle Shots: submissive/ dominant; avoid unless specifically desired

  • Zoom: NEVER do it! Don’t use a camcorder like your own naturally wandering eyes

  • Basic “locked off” shooting: use a tripod

  • Panning: don’t zoom, only use to follow action; nice to have a fluid head

  • Advanced camera movement: using dollies, jib arms, steadicam