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My name is Eric Hankey, and I've been creating performances with students my whole career. I have bachelors degrees in music performance and music education from Ithaca College, NY, and a masters degree in education from USC. I love to see and hear students learn how to do their very best, and then be able to share it with their community through performance - there's no better job in the world!

Recent Posts

How to submit your last project for this semester

- Switch to Convent Wifi - 12358
In ES File Explorer:
- Top left 3 lines - tap Network, LAN - tap
- Tap Nexus, F14 Music Production, Raw Tracks, your folder
- Long press any file, then check all
- Bottom left of screen - tap Copy
- Top left 3 lines again - tap Local, Home - tap NTrack folder
- Create a New Folder inside Ntrack, for your band
- Paste files here
In Ntrack Studio:
- Hammer tools at bottom right - close song
- Hammer tools - Import Audio - go to folder you pasted to
- Import each track to Ntrack
- Listen to the song you've created & adjust as you like
In ES File Explorer 2nd time: 
- Go to the folder you exported your song to, long press to select, Copy
- Go to the Network, LAN,, Nexus, F14 Music Production, your band's folder
- Paste & you're done!

Steps necessary to do a multi-track live recording

  • ProTools: Press play and enjoy your masterpiece!
  • Start ProTools (audio recording software)
  • Turn on computer & mixer, make sure mics are plugged in
  • ProTools: “Standby” & click Main play button in transport window - you’re recording!
  • ProTools: Move transport window to where you can see it
  • ProTools: Choose template with your digital mixer (Behringer X32)
  • ProTools: Disable metronome (unless you’re using it)
  • X32: Select page (1-16, 17-32) that has channels you’re recording on
  • X32: Select each channel you’re recording on and turn up the gain (to ~3:00 position)
  • ProTools: Press red record-enable button (for every track you’re recording)
  • ProTools: Save file where you can find it (in our class folder)
  • ProTools: “Quiet in the studio” & click Main record-enable in transport window
  • X32: Press Aux In,, Aux In 1+2 faders to 0, Main LR fader to 0, Monitor knob to Max
  • ProTools: When finished, say “clear” and click BLUE SQUARE STOP BUTTON
  • ProTools: Disable red record-enable button (for every track you recorded)