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Senior College Information

Welcome to the Seniors' College Section! 


A student's Senior year in high school can be one of the most pivotal and life changing steps into adulthood for a young person. Despite what a student's plans are post-BMHS, we, in the Academic and College Counseling Department, hope the student will feel comfortable in approaching us and feel confident that we can work together to help each person reach their attainable goals. Here are a few things the Academic and College Counseling Office would like you to remember for your final year here at Bishop Montgomery...





Attention Senior Students: Please follow and abide by bulleted guidelines below. Senior Student Guidance Questionnaire should be done directly in family connection/Naviance. 

  • Due: August 18, 2017 (1st day of school)
  • Turn in a hard copy of the parent section to your English teacher.
  • Be sure to complete it thoroughly.


The Academic Counseling Department would like to thank you in advance for completing this very important questionnaire. Your Senior Student Guidance Questionnaire will assist your counselor and your teachers when they write letters of recommendation for you. The information you provide in this questionnaire will be used in your letters of recommendation for college and scholarship applications only. The Academic Counseling Department therefore asks that you be as honest and thorough as possible when responding to the questions, and that you provide specific examples.



  •          The College process begins and ends with Naviance. Students should now be very familiar with the program and should be actively navigating their way through the program. All submissions of letters of recommendations, secondary schools reports and transcripts for college will be done through Naviance's EDocs.

Senior Timelines

  •          Counselors will be coming into Senior English classes in early September to meet with Seniors and provide them with their Senior Timelines and other important information regarding the college process. A copy of the Senior Timeline is attached below. We will be calling students out of class individually to discuss future plans but it is the student's responsibility to sign up and see their counselor with any questions.

College Application Information

  •          Attached below are PDF's of The Senior Timeline (important dates that indicate deadlines, SAT/ACT dates, etc), Parent/Student/Counselor Contract, UC/CSU Guidelines, and Common Application Guidelines. Please use these to help navigate and answer any questions you may have during the college process before you meet with your counselor. 


  •          Scholarship opportunities are regularly posted on Naviance. Anything that cannot be posted on Naviance will be announced in the Daily Bulletin and a hard copy will be held in the Academic Counseling Office with Ms. Diaz in the scholarship binder or on the scholarship board. Be sure to explore the vast free resources available online for scholarship searches as well. Click on the Scholarship Resources tab for a list of some great links.


  •          SAT/ACT registration deadlines are posted in your agendas, on your Senior Timeline, on the SAT/ACT Dates and Tools tab in the Academic Counseling Corner, and on the collegeboard.organd  websites.
  •         The writing portion of both the SAT and ACT ARE NOT OPTIONAL especially if you are applying to top tier schools as well as the UC's. Students MUST TAKE THE WRITING PORTION!
  •          Please mark down the deadlines (if you receive financial assistance from BMHS, you may qualify for a fee waiver. Please see Mr. Mitchell; there are limited number and they go very quickly...). 
  •          Students are also responsible for sending their colleges their test scores. The scores are only official if they are sent from the testing site. BMHS does not send them!
  • Sign up for a free practice test offered by Kaplan TBD on the main page under Mock SAT or ACT.  Registration takes place online. Students must be registered by TBD. 

Student College Visitations

  •          You are each granted two days of excused absences to visit colleges during your senior year. Please download the senior and junior college visitations form from the link below. You must have it completed and signed ONE WEEK BEFORE the days you are visiting the college(s).
We hope you all have a wonderful senior year and wish you the best of luck in your planning and college admissions process.