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 An Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic High School Fully Accredited by WCEA and WASC  


Welcome to Mrs. Walle's Homepage
I have been a teacher at Bishop Montgomery since 2004 and am very passionate about making science interesting and accessible for students.  As an alumna of BMHS I am proud to be back serving the community that enriched my life so much as a teenager. After my years as a student and athlete at BMHS I completed college with a Biology major and Chemistry minor from the University of San Diego.  Since I 2004, I  have cleared my California Teaching Credential with authorization in both Life Science and Physical Science through Mount St. Mary's College and earned English Learner (EL) Authorization and Cross Cultural, Language, and Academic Development (CLAD) Certificate through the University of California San Diego.    To find out more about me please visit Mrs.Walles Professional Portfolio.
Our science department is committed to providing current, rigorous and applicable curriculum for all of our students.  We are currently using new technology and resources to efficiently integrate the Next Generation Science Standards into our already demanding curriculum.  Argument driven inquiry labs are driving the shift in our teaching pedagogy while transforming our classrooms into spaces where students learn by doing, and are prepared to solve the real world science problems of tomorrow.  
If you are here to find current grades please visit the Aeries Parent Portal.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding course progression, science curriculum, teaching pedagogy of any other inquiries! 


Back To School Night

If you missed our back to school night, please watch this video for all the information you need regarding our curriculum, learning pedagogy and online instructional tools that are making 2020 a once in a lifetime year. We hope :). Yes it's a challenge- but it's going to be a success. Thanks for watching and please send any questions to [email protected] Go Knights!

OnLine Learning 2020

Hi parents and students.  Welcome to a new school year. Last school year brought challenges unlike any I have ever seen before, and this fall will likely be the same.  As we navigate this new challenge together, know that I am working diligently to make sure each of your students receive a valuable, personal, well rounded education in science.  I am passionate about science but even more so about helping your students learn what they are capable of.  I feel strongly that this is not a time to shrink back and huddle down, but a time to rise to new challenges, learn new skills and find the opportunities that lay in adversity.  It is a unique experience to face the very same challenges that my students are facing and in doing so be available to help them find out for themselves how capable and powerful they really are.     If you have ANY questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Update Email 8/19/20

Hi Parents and Students.

I hope you are successfully navigating this first week of distance learning.  Today, I had the opportunity to grade the first EdPuzzle of the semester.  It highlighted some important items from the syllabus as well as some general distance learning tips (that video is on my BMHS WebPage as well as my YouTube channel if you parents are interested in watching it).  The last question of the EdPuzzle asked students to identify their biggest concerns for the coming semester and I have decided to respond to the most frequent concerns here. 

  • Zoom/ the internet is glitchy/ house being distracting with siblings etc:  This WILL happen.  It just will.  When it does, don’t panic.  Send me an email as soon as you can to let me know the situation.  If it's possible/ necessary I will hit record on my zoom call so that you will have the chance to watch the call later.  Most (nearly all) of the teaching that I do is done on pre-recorded videos for this exact purpose- my Zoom acts up too sometimes (I have 2 kids streaming plus my husband also working from home) when we overtax our internet bandwidth.  If you miss the whole class or can’t email- just contact me after class.  I am happy to respond to your email and/or meet you in office hours on a Community Wednesday. 

  • Needing the teachers help:  Most of my class periods are designed to have 15/20 minutes of live zoom time followed by 15-25 minutes of EdPuzzle/ homework practice etc.  When the students are “released” from the zoom call I stay… all day.  They can come back into the call for questions, help, to go over a sample problem, ask about an assignment etc.  I have found this to be the most balanced process for my class- students can even come back into the zoom at break or later in the day if they want to check if I am available to answer questions.  Email is another (but probably less effective) way to ask questions.  I get my email pushed to my phone, and the comments on google classroom pushed to my phone resulting in me being, perhaps too, accessible for the students when they need me.  

  • Missing Assignments/ falling behind:  This is a legitimate worry and can become a problem- so in short it is good that it is a concern.  The assignments are clearly posted and meticulously organized for my own sanity- but if you or your child are missing or unclear on assignments please reach out.  I have some great tips on using google classroom to help you stay organized and we have been going through it in class but sometimes students aren’t ready to listen till it becomes a problem.  I’ll be here ready to help when they are ready.  

  • Assessments: Full transparency- I’m worried about them too.  Assessments are tough enough to create/ balance/ make equitable when we are on campus and being at distance adds a whole other layer.  The good news is that I see the problem, and I’m doing my best.  I’m researching, playing with ideas, creating new assessments- and I will be in Zoom with them while they work- so again- they can ask me questions.  Last semester I tried having students write then answer their own tests, make FlipGird videos,  take traditional tests, you name it.  This semester I will continue to try to find something that works well and I’m certain that it will change based on the chapter, subject and how the class has been doing.  

  • Not making friends:  This is another really valid concern.  For our Freshman and Transfer students especially this is uncharted territory- meeting via zoom?!  My suggestions are that first and foremost they JOIN- join a club, run for ASB, go to the DJ virtual dance party, meet up with the Choices group, introduce themselves in breakout rooms, volunteer for a reading at mass ANYTHING, EVERYTHING.  Second, that they remain patient.  It will take more time to meet but it will happen.  Every Freshman and Transfer student had the exact same concern- so if you are worried about making friends you are not alone.  Summon the courage to ask for phone numbers or insta handles in break out rooms so that you can become virtual friends.  Above all remember that you are not alone.  Choices, campus ministry, teachers, ASB, Link Crew, TBK: we are all here to help.  Wednesdays were created to help with this gap that so many schools are not able to close- Here at Bishop we designed our schedule to help you feel a part of our community- take advantage!  

This list does not represent all of the concerns, but it does scratch the surface of what students are worrying about.  We are all navigating this strange time together and I believe that once the semester gets moving, we will all feel a tremendous comfort in the routine that school brings.   I hope that your families will have a chance to continue the discussion regarding the new concerns that distance learning adds to an already complicated time in students' lives.  

As always, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you or your family in this crazy COVID time.  

Go Knights!

Mrs. Walle ℅ 2000

Google Classroom Tips

We've all been using Google Classroom for a while- but are you getting the most out of it? Try these helpful tips to keep track of your assignments, stay organized and maximize your grade!