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Rick Egan » Search for Truth--Syllabus

Search for Truth--Syllabus

This is the Syllabus for the Fall 2020 Semester.
This course is a senior religion elective. It is an overview of the History of Western Philosophy. This course is broken down into five units. We briefly cover what philosophy is and logic (unit 1); then the major philosophers of Classical Philosophy (unit 2); the major philosophers of Medieval Philosophy (unit 3); the major philosophers of Modern Philosophy (unit 4); and the major philosophers of Existentialism (unit 5).
This is the only religion course that fulfills a requirement for the UC and CSU systems. It is therefore a very different type of religion course.
Some of my personal goals for this course are:
  1. for the student to know what Philosophy is (and what it isn't and why it is a "religion" course);
  2. for the student to recognize that the ideas we hold today depend in large part on the great thinkers who went before us (the development of ideas);
  3. for the students to shape critically their own worldview by questioning themselves and dialoguing with others (including the great thinkers of the past).