Theater Arts Textbook

Dear Theater Arts1-2 Parents and Students,

There was a miscommunication about the textbook Introduction to Theater Arts A 36 Week Action Handbook and its usage in the class. This text was not on the required books list located on the school website, but was included on my class syllabus.

The textbook will NOT be used this year. I sincerely apologize for the oversight and for any inconvenience or frustration this has caused.

There will not be a textbook used in this class. Any materials used will be provided to students in class.

I will be sending a new syllabus home with students this week reflecting the change. You need not sign a new contract as no class policies have changed.

An email was sent via Aeries to all students and parents concerning this and students were also informed in class.

Again, my deepest apologies for the confusion and misunderstanding. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Megan Moreau